The visual world has always fascinated her. Her passion has grown over the years through education, media exposure and hands on experience to join the best in her generation.

She is the Founder of The Bea Company Limited. Her experience in the film and TV industry spans 15 years undertaking projects in Kenya and beyond. She is a passionate filmmaker with interest in the human condition. Bea’s interaction with various formats of content, expertise in production and postproduction techniques as well as management of cast and crew ranks her highly in the Kenyan film industry as well as among high profile international stakeholders.

Among her key projects is the "The Whistleblower" Film that she produced in 2019 to address the plight of whistleblowers in Kenya. “The Whistleblower” won Best Short Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards at the 2019 Kalasha Film and TV Awards in Kenya. The film is currently on Vumi Central.

Her other independent works include the documentary film “Wariyaha” that investigates into powerful and emotional accounts of the deadly conditions journalists work under in Somalia amongst others.

Bea worked on 51 one-hour Africa Magic Original Films for MNET Africa and She previously produced two seasons of “Be Your Own Boss” show, among other TV shows in Kenya.

Bea is also a News producer covering The African continent.